Greening-hub is a platform where industry insiders can meet, swap ideas, gather as a collective and share visions on how to lead fashion, lifestyle and beauty into the future. At Greening-hub you can follow our journey behind-the-scenes, as we create a modern-sustainable-seasonless-fashion-line — soon to be launched as the brand Greeningline.

Greeningline = a line of sustainable/elevated basics., from-sports-to-street-to-resort. Our philosophy is reflected in the creation of clean, quality-conscious and sustainable pieces that exist somewhere between soft-sports, slouch-wear and elevated-basics — all while being transparent along our journey.

Please follow our quest as we introduce the future of plant-based-dyes, natural organic and conscious materials (with the exception of stretch fibers) and sustainable manufacturing (solar-driven, no water waste or pollution), truly minimizing environmental impact.

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“As fun as it is to celebrate the fantasy of fashion – the majority of time, don’t we all just long for something that feels a bit more real?” offers Celia Ingesson, co-founder.

Greeningline is a joint venture between fashion-insider Celia Ingesson, a Scandinavian-born design exec with wanderlust spirit, and Korean-born David Kim, textile visionary and entrepreneur. The concept emerged from their shared quest to innovate and push boundaries, and to embark on a new dawn of consciousness.

Greeningline offers a wardrobe grounded in eclecticism, individuality and sustainability, inspired by the shapes, lines and movement of modern dance and soft sports. Featherweight natural materials embrace fluid generous silhouettes; body-conscious layers allow for an effortlessly cool style from studio-to-street. Elevated-basics take on a slight utilitarian-twist adding function and structure. It’s like future-proofing your wardrobe, evoking a pragmatic, carefree spirit!

“Fashion needs visionaries to evolve it into the next phase,” states David Kim, instigator of the botanical-takeover.

is based in New York, Stockholm, Korea, Indonesia and wherever there is a need to lead fashion into the future with trans-seasonal-forever-pieces.

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